Made In China? What do you think of mold manufacturing
    In daily life, many times when you buy goods, you will see made in China. When you see made in China, you can't help laughing. In China, the rapid development of mold manufacturing can not do without the development of China's manufacturing industry. Just like fish can not do without water, only with the development of China's manufacturing industry, will the mold manufacturing industry follow its development and grow stronger. The development of the mold industry is increasingly valued and concerned. Some people say that those mold manufacturing industries are out of date, but others say that batch after batch of founders will continue to grow It has sprung up.
    Nine development trends of China automobile mould industry
    Die is the basic process equipment of automobile industry, more than 90% of parts in automobile production need to rely on die forming. 3D mold design is an important part of digital mold technology, and it is the basis of mold design, manufacturing and inspection integration. Some foreign practices in mold 3D design are worthy of our reference. In addition to integrated manufacturing, another advantage of mold 3D design is that it is convenient for interference checking and motion interference analysis, which solves a difficult problem in 2D design. Mold software automotive mold management software solutions can help the development of the automotive industry to provide favorable assistance.
    Sixteen step process summary of mold design
    Mold is a kind of industrial product which can be shaped by a certain way with a specific structure. It is also a kind of production tool which can mass produce industrial product parts with certain shape and size requirements. From airplanes and automobiles to teacups and nails, almost all industrial products must be molded by molds. The high precision, high consistency and high productivity of the parts produced by mould are incomparable to any other processing method. Mould determines the quality, benefit and new product development ability of products to a great extent. So the mold has the honorary title of "mother of industry".
    Expert analysis: Advanced lightweight technology and development trend of automobile interior and exterior injection mold
    With the coming of electric vehicle, driverless technology and new energy vehicle era, lightweight design of automobile will be the inevitable trend of automobile design, and it is plastics that can make lightweight design of automobile become reality. A large number of plastics used in the automotive industry will bring a new historical opportunity to the plastic industry and the automotive injection mold industry.
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