Made In China? What do you think of mold manufacturing

    In daily life, many times when you buy goods, you will see made in China. When you see made in China, you can't help laughing. In China, the rapid development of mold manufacturing can not do without the development of China's manufacturing industry. Just like fish can not do without water, only with the development of China's manufacturing industry, will the mold manufacturing industry follow its development and grow stronger. The development of the mold industry is increasingly valued and concerned. Some people say that those mold manufacturing industries are out of date, but others say that batch after batch of founders will continue to grow It has sprung up.
    Under people's eyes, mold manufacturing has been paid more and more attention. In electronic, automobile, motor, instrument and other communication products, 60% ~ 80% of the parts are formed by mold. For example, we use the computer, computer shell is made of mold, computer keyboard is also. For example, medical needle tubes, medical instrument shells, etc. all come from molds. First of all, those who sell computers need to buy a set of molds for computer cases, and then produce them. A set of molds can produce tens of millions of computer cases. Of course, molds also have a long life.
    It is understood that in recent years, with the rapid transfer of manufacturing production base to China, the rapid upgrading of China's manufacturing industry has driven the rapid development of the mold industry. Although China's total mold production has ranked the third in the world, in the international market competition, China's mold industry due to the lack of independent brands and the overall competitiveness is not strong, which is not conducive to the development of China's mold enterprises in the global economic market. Industry insiders pointed out that improving the competitiveness of China's [mold manufacturing] enterprises and building China's own brand of mold industry have become the main problems facing the mold industry.
    The development of made in China can not be separated from the efforts of the state and organizations, and the development of mold manufacturing can not be separated from the efforts of the organizations in the industry. Haichuang mold strives to be the leader of the industry and promote the development and progress of the industry, and specially introduces the independent brand "lesu" of Haichuang mold technology. In order to enhance its own competitiveness and build its own brand in the mold manufacturing industry, Haichuang mold has been constantly reforming and innovating. At present, the company has obtained 6 utility model patents and 2 invention patents, which is far from enough. As a group in the mold manufacturing industry, we should make full use of the advantages of mobile Internet to create a good corporate brand image while constantly improving the technical level of the industry, so as to achieve the goal of enhancing the soft power of enterprise competition.

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